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In this painting, I am pursuing my idea of unifying the 2-dimensional space of the picture plane with the 3-dimensional window into another space--that of the space of the table surrounded by the two walls you see. In this way, I try to create both a real and imaginary space. If you notice, at times, spaces will move into objects with no boundaries between. And I'm using the knowledge that warm colors, like orange and red,  move forward and cool colors, like green and blue, recede to create a push/pull effect--so that forms that are supposed to be in the front of the painting push toward the rear and other forms in the rear push forward to create a tension that unifies the forms on the surface. On the other hand, I have painted my objects in a way that shows their real surface textures and reflections and my composition and brushstrokes direct you back into a fully realized dimensional space. These are just a few of the techniques I employ to realize my idea.

Oil on board, 24” x 14”.

Painting Supplies

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